Tuesday, January 05, 2010

After Fallujah

The "Marlboro Marine" is how Marine Lance Corporal James Blake Miller came to be known after this iconic photo was taken of him by LA Times photojournalist Luis Sinco. This story of how the two men's lives became intertwined after the battle of Fallujah is beautifully told - powerful images, haunting sound design and music (written by Corporal Miller himself). "How I feel about the war today," Miller reflects, "I can sum up in one question. It's the same question that can be asked of Vietnam: What have we accomplished? What have we gained other than the loss of some damn fine people?"

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MatthewGagnon said...

I think far too often we forget that these soldiers are on the front lines taking bullets for us. We should remember them and honor them.

I do some work with the people who made "Perfect Valor" - a film about the heroes who took Fallujah.


It is really worth the watch, to celebrate our soldiers and their sacrifice.