Friday, February 19, 2010

Afghan Women's Writing Project

Allowing women a direct voice in the world: The goal of the AWWP is to encourage Afghan women to share their stories - a luxury rarely afforded to them without the fear of threat. Originally conceived by author Masha Hamilton during a trip to Afghanistan in 2008, the program connects Afghan women with talented women authors and teachers in the United States in secure online classrooms.

Change Our Story by Shogofa

I am one who faced those opposing my studies,
Humiliated by those who said
"A girl can't do anything."
I am one forced to accept the reality of today,
trying to be strong.

I am one who bent to my family's wishes,
Sacrificed my dreams in quietness.
But who still dreamt of success
Beyond reach.

I am one who dreams of peace, but am caged,
Desires to fly, but am female,
Still, I am one who flies against the wind of our time
And beats the challenge.
I am one who believes these black clouds will change into Spring.

I am one who vows to stop the tears of those who suffer from being women.
I am one who will free women whose dreams aren't
Already killed by their cages, women who still desire to fly.

They hide their stories behind their tears
They are not allowed words.
But I will tell their stories, and change our story.
I am one whose voice of today promises tomorrow.

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